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- what we can -

We can listen, understand, advise, challenge, provide an overview and suggest solutions. We can immerse ourselves in your business and put a perspective on the market you have to expand in. We can help create the most rewarding places for you and your customers. We can create brands that gain importance and sales that set records. Because we can listen. Because we can work together.

– who we are –

We are who talented people want to work with. We combine a consistently high level of service (which makes daily life a little easier) with high demands on the quality of who we partner with. We are known for creating great results - and the truth is that every victory is based on our customers´ professionalism. We don’t win an effectiveness award for you. We win one with you.

– our beliefs –

We believe in contexts. In essence, modern communication is about strengthening the contexts a brand has with its users and consumers. We believe that our clients´ success depends on having a consistency in the flow of communication that runs through all channels. And we believe that what you say must be consistent with what you do.


Vibeke Nannerup


Liquidminds is based on a clear idea of how to create consistent quality in something as liquid as communication. It’s basically about processes. Short processes. We work with many gates and clear goals. The Liquidminds method is a guarantee that competencies are effectively put into play - and a guarantee for reaching goals as soon as possible.

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Rune Hørslev


The best communication flows spontaneously between people. Background analysis, sales challenges, competitive situations, long-term strategies and other parameters that define our messages require transformation into a substance that ordinary people can understand and share with others. That’s why we say: no conversation material, no branding.

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Olga Bastian


We all agree that there must be consistency and relevance across all platforms. It’s about creating a single powerful story with its own character that can flow through all channels. You move people with stories and beauty. This mechanism is not always linear. But everyone can see that this is how to move a bottom line in the right direction.

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